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Hi loving yall's tunes!



devils golf course is SPECTACULAR, True talent so rare, Thanks for being real!! 

U best out today !! respect for the things ya do



good luck and have fun!!! We love you guys!!


hey love like a hurricane It is fantastic!!! I've been listening all morning.

Love the music and you are one of my favorites! Your music is so catchy! 

I can't wait until your next track is released! 

Please upload it immediately and let me know asap!



Guys. NEVER fail to impress us. All the songs you produced already are so different in their own ways, infusing your soul at so many? levels. Pure genius of music.

I love IT!


your music is better than gangnam stlye i love psy but your See you everyday wins


Thank You God Always u're the best talent that must go public!


Hey guys, i started listen to you recently and i have to mention that

YOU guys are the best thing to come along on youtube lately!




You guys are touching the lives of people all around the world with your music and your Devils Golf Course is fantastic!


Hi! If I were walking along the streets of New York at night, contemplating and wondering, Love like a hurricane would be the tune in the background. 

My love for this one will never fade away.




You are totally awesome and I do believe that you will become so successful! Who knows? are already a true talents to humanity..keep rockin as we LOVE you!!!!!!

I just put my fav record on...guess what? Devils Golf Course!!!!



Hey Guys!!!!

Awesome but I like almost all your songs esp. Lazy Day.

I'm looking forward for your new songs.


Keep it up guys! My favorite site now.



Hey guys...I just came across your song I´ve got you ...fantastic song!!

Im listening to it right now.


i love your music, expecting more in 2016! Without

a doubt you're going to be HUGE..I can see it...Never GIVE UP!!!

We - YOUR FANS be there for you always!!! Can you add to your music list more tunes? pls ;)


HEY Guys!!! I dig your songs, so good, wow, Still in love caught my attention, 

I like it so much!!! I'm going to play it for my friends if you don't mind. 

And guys, you deserve to be famous!!! Wanna see you on mtv!


Hi guys, you know it's hard nowadays to find anything good

because everyone with computer stuff can release any stuff through internet and it was quite surprising to discover your site!

Please let me know if any new songs will be released cause I want to stay tuned thank you.


Just discovered you recently and i must say you blew my mind. The 

sound is brilliant and i jus ca't stop listening to Love like a hurricane

I wish you the great success and If you're on tour, it would be such a pleasure to visit your show.



Hi!!! I LOVE IT !!!

i've discovered you on youtube

since this time i can't spend a day without your sound!


Hi Guys! You're extremely talented songwriters...

Don't know if my opinion matters to you,

but I must tell you: it's not often that I like every single song...

You guys are a rare exception. Still in love put me through a vast range of emotions.

I will be excited when I get the chance to hear your new material.

Best wishes to you



Absolutely LOVE the track Lazy Day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is indescribable .... absolutely great


Hey guys, good songs, I really like the dark side of rock n roll, my favorite so far :)

keep up the good work!


Excellent compositions. I listen to tunes with pleasure...


Great to see some new talent coming in that does not come from a reality show. 

Love the Music!


incredible songs, I've passed it to many friends, hope you don't mind, keep so .Yeah!!


Hey guys, I love your unique sound, You,ll go far.

keeep it up!


"Lazy Day" I just can't get enough of this tune!!!


Really digg your soundz ! Wicked stuff!OMG!!

 Your tunes are awesome!!! "Love like a Hurricane" love it!!!


hey guys!!! great songs and good energy you have!!



Loved your music ever since i heard your music on youtube. 

Lazy Day is my fav track. 

Keep up the fantastic work guys!!!



Omg! I love your song Devils Golf Course to death, it rocks, it sounds very cool you guys!! :D


Hey i just wanna say i luv ur music.

it would be awsome to meet yall one day. n no im no crazy fan or ne thing.

i just know good music when i hear it.



I have to say ,I listened to you for the first time and fell in love.

You are the strongest songwriter I have heard in a long time.

I love your muisic. thank you.


amazing tunes! seriously there isnt a single tune i dont like! 


See you everyday is one of my favorite and top of the list song..

Thanks for being a part of my life.. :) from the land down under :) 


Hi, you guys seriously made my day with still in love

I've never listened to such good ass music before

You guys are sick!!!


Hi! you guysfuckin crush! and Dark Side of RnR is freakin amazin...  amazing!

keep up on bring on that good music!


You guys rock make sure to stay on top.

Your lyrics are esoteric and inspire your fans beyond what any understand.

Keep pushing on and taking a leap and defying gravity. Keep up the excellent work.


I love your music!  Talent and taste.  Very thankful you exist.



Thank you for your music, your songs... You are the sound of a generation.

I like you guys, never change.



Thanks for all the ear candy!

I must say lazy day has taken its place at my youtube favorite song!

Keep it up


Love your tunes!!It's all good!! Love like a hurricane is your best song ^.^Take me away with the tunes!



You guys are talented, thanks for sharing your gift of music with the world! We are thankful, and bless you!



u guys are my favourite now on youtube and facebook




You are what Rock is all about! My fave track of yours, The Dark Side of Rock n Roll!! Kick ass sound!

Love ya!


You guys are really awesome. I love your music, something to get lost in, very unique.


hey you guyz r fucking amazing! :) much love!!!

u get me thru my day haha