Welcome to our Instrumentals / Backing Tracks! They are same as the songs in the "Songs"-folder, even without vocals.

Use it for films, movies, television, broadcasters, advertisment, media... whatever you want!

Rock / Popsongs and Ballads are full recorded with a band to give you a professional listening. 


If you want to use one of our songs or if you have any questions please get in contact!


007 - Devils Golf Course (Edit) (Blues Rock)

010 - Never Die (Rock)

014 - Soul Shine (Rock)

017 - Alright Today (Punk Rock)

019 - Time will come (Rock)

020 - I seek love (Pop Rock)

022 - Problem Child (Punk Rock)

023 - Alcohol (Classic Rock)

025 - Tonight (Indie Rock)

028 - You´re a fool (Alternative Rock)

030 - Highway Child  (Pop Rock)

032 - The Strangers  (Alternative Rock)




Most of the work we do on our own - songwriting, recording, arranging, managing... without getting a cent!

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Thank you very much!