Songs / Music

Here you can find some examples (about 10% of the complete songlist)! All our songs have strong melodies and unique lyrics. Rock / Popsongs and Ballads are full recorded with a band to give you a professional listening. Check lyrics and credits on current YouTube-links. All songs recorded in a Rock-Style - certainly you can pitch it to a HipHop or Dance-Version or change melody / lyrics. Feel free to browse our tracks!


We also do "Exclusive Songwriting"! Tell us what you need (rock / pop / ballad / slow / up-tempo...) and we're gonna write your personal song!


If you want to use one of our songs or if you have any questions please get in contact!


001 - The Dark Side of Rock n Roll (Punk Rock)

004 - Love like a Hurricane (Pop Rock)

007 - Devils Golf Course (Edit) (Blues Rock)

010 - Never Die (Rock)

012 - Won´t you be my Girl (Indie Rock)

014 - Soul Shine (Rock)

017 - Alright Today (Punk Rock)

019 - Time will come (Rock)

020 - I seek love (Pop Rock)

022 - Problem Child (Punk Rock)

023 - Alcohol (Classic Rock)

024 - Drown (Alternative Rock)

025 - Tonight (Indie Rock)

028 - You´re a fool (Alternative Rock)

030 - Highway Child (Pop Rock)

032 - The Strangers  (Alternative Rock)




002 - Lazy Day

005 - Still in Love

008 - See you everyday

011  - Paradise Song

013  - Dreamer

015 - Sandbags 

018 - When I see your face

021 - Angel without wings
026 - Fly Away

029 - Extraordinary

031 - Tell me why



Most of the work we do on our own - songwriting, recording, arranging, managing... without getting a cent!

If you like our music and if you want to support our work please donate by clicking the donate button below this site. 

Thank you very much!